Set fire to the house with Olivia Rodrigo.

On Friday, the singer released her brand new single “good 4 u”, and an energetic music video to go along with it.

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In contrast to the melancholy tones of her pervious hit “Driver’s Licence”, Rodrigo’s new song flips the break-up angle on its head with a peppy, defiant sound.

The video matches the tone, too, with Rodrigo dancing at the school gym, in a store aisle and also in her room, which is eventually flooded with water and then set on fire.

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“Don’t you know what’s good for you?/Baby, let me cook for you/I can make it good for you, good for you/Never good nights, only good mornings/Let me make it good for you/I can make it good for you,” she sings on the track.

“Good 4 u” is the third single from Rodrigo’s upcoming album Sour, out May 21.