Orlando Bloom showed off some photos on Instagram Thursday in which he revives a fashion look best associated with Clint Eastwood’s spaghetti westerns.

In a series of pics apparently taken while he was on a hike, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star rocks a poncho right out of Eastwood’s “A Fistful of Dollars”.

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“Ponch-bro,” Bloom quipped in the caption.

Bloom’s new look was met with a wave of positivity.

“Fashion forward!” wrote actress Vinessa Shaw, while Danish supermodel Helena Christensen gushed, “Singlehandedly revived the poncho!”

However, not everyone was so enamoured with the look.

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“What are we going for here, just to be clear?” commented Gwyneth Paltrow, reported E! News, with the Goop founder’s comment met with a laughing emoji from Miranda Kerr, Bloom’s ex and mother of their 10-year-old son Flynn.

Bloom’s wife Katy Perry also chimed in: “baby can you please take the dogs out to pee I’m stuck on a call.”