Jodie Turner-Smith transforms into Anne Boleyn in the first full trailer for the highly anticipated miniseries.

The British star of “Queen & Slim” is Tudor Queen Anne Boleyn, famously executed wife of Henry VIII.

The three-part miniseries for the UK’s Channel 5 debuts later this month and will follow Anne Boleyn during the final months of her life as she struggles to secure a future for her daughter while the grip of the patriarchy tightens around her.

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The series made headlines last year when Turner-Smith’s casting was announced, marking one of the rare times a Black actor has portrayed a major royal figure in a UK TV production.

Last month, the 34-year-old actress told ET Canada’s Keshia Chante “there’s been a wildly positive response” to her portraying Anne Boleyn, but she says there’s also been the same negative reaction “as is the case when a Black person takes on anything” people are familiar with.

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“Even if I wanted to be doing something in a sci-fi fantasy world as a Black woman, I’d still get so much ‘attack’ from people being like, ‘Ahhhhhhh.’ And you know for people it’s certainly polarizing, this idea of playing a queen, a historical figure,” she says. “I took this role because it was more about telling a story about a woman…no matter what your race or socio-economic background, we’re talking about common things that we all experience in terms of our own ambitions for ourselves and our children, the things we come up against, what people say our limitations and fighting through that.

She adds: “I feel as a Black woman, those are things I can really understand. I just wanted to give my take on this story.”