A Reddit user posed an interesting question, asking if there was anyone out there who was related to a celebrity, and how that affected family gatherings and the like.

The query elicited several responses, including one from a relative of Keanu Reeves.

“We have a Reeves Ohana gathering every year in Hawaii, and he never comes. Which I don’t blame him at all — his dad was not a good father, so I assume, besides being a busy actor, he doesn’t come because that burned the bridges with our family,” wrote u/Aeksel. “My dad sometimes mentions Keanu when the reunions happen, about how he doesn’t visit. It’s not in a bitter way or anything, just sometimes the little cousins ask. I haven’t met all my family in Hawaii yet ’cause I live in the mainland, but I do know at least a few people are salty about it. Other than that, my cousins look up to him and get excited when he’s in a movie. Even if the kids aren’t allowed to watch ’cause of violence, they see a movie poster and look all awestruck. So cute.”

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User u/drycheck wrote about the experience of being Matthew McConaughey’s second cousin. “He acts normal with us, but the b*****d has yet to deliver me a Buick for the bully I beat up for him 38 years ago… though he does always bring the best booze to the parties.”

Another user, with the handle u/WhatIsThisAccountFor, shared, “My uncle is Sinbad (the comedian/actor). He is married to my biological aunt on my dad’s side, so I am not his blood relation, but his kids and wife are blood-related to me. We go on vacations with them every summer, and have for the past six or so years. We didn’t for a while when he and my aunt were separated, but since they got back together, we see that family at least once a year. Just got back from a vacation with them, actually. At first it was a little annoying having to stop every couple of minutes because someone asked for a picture, but eventually he stopped posing for pictures while with us. He just says, ‘Sorry, I’m with my family’ now. Nothing terribly exciting, but he has been famous since I was born, so I didn’t get a before-and-after experience. The coolest thing was definitely going to Disney/Universal with him. We got the VIP treatment and skipped every line. We rode Dueling Dragons probably five to seven times back-to-back. Three of us barfed; it was great.”

“My aunt is Xena the Warrior Princess and absolutely nothing at family gathering,” wrote u/KnuckleCurve01. “She is just our aunt. We got stopped a couple of times in New Orleans by people who recognized her. Back in New Zealand, when her show was going on, some little girls would come up and want to take pics. She’s one of the nicest people to talk to and never acts like a celebrity. I have gotten to do some very cool stuff in my life, which I’ll never take for granted, because of her kindness! Hey, Lucy! I’ll let you guess which one of us it is, if you’re out there!”

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“My uncle is Steve Smith, aka Red Green, from the ’90s Canadian handyman comedy show,” wrote u/snakelord. “We used to all gather in the ’90s and ’00s, when our generation had wedding season. He was always the life of the party without ever trying. If there was a lull in the conversation, he’d pipe in with something hysterical and have the whole table laughing. Never tried; he was just a natural and would never interrupt anyone else. He’s a very kind and wonderful guy.”

Then there was Reddit user u/LJGHunter, who wrote, “My spouse is related to David Tennant. I did not know this until after we were married (spouse was born in America). Not impacted life at all except I got to meet him during my first trip to London. Their family scored us tickets to Much Ado About Nothing, and we saw David and Catherine Tate after the show. Nothing bad to say about either of them; they were both lovely and effusive, and David gave us both a hug, even though neither of us had ever met him before. Spouse had a brief chat about mutual acquaintances in the family, and then we left.”

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