Nina Dobrev is dishing the dirt on her daily diet.

The Canadian “Vampire Diaries” star revealed everything she eats in the course of a day during a new Food Diaries video for Harper’s Bazaar.

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Dobrev, who steers clear of gluten and dairy due to food sensitivities, explained that she recently gave up eating fish after learning about the environmental impact of fishing. 

“I used to eat a lot of fish, but in researching what goes on in the ocean, making a documentary of my own, watching another documentary recently, affected me significantly,” she said.

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“At the rate we are eating fish, because there are so many humans on the Earth, it’s not sustainable. And the fishing industry itself is not sustainable at all. So, as of recently, I’ve stopped eating fish altogether.”

Dobrev added that she’s currently “thinking about becoming a vegan.”

The 32-year-old star also told viewers that she can’t start her day without at least one strong cup of coffee.

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“Mama needs some coffee, some real strong, strong coffee. Sometimes I even have two coffees,” she shared. “I’ll finish the coffee and it’s not enough. I’ll get a shot of espresso and a regular coffee and mix them together!”