Chance the Rapper paid a virtual visit to “The Tonight Show” on Friday, with topics of conversation including his upcoming “Magnificent Coloring World” concert film and his idea for a new “Home Alone” reboot that puts a whole new spin on the franchise.

“It’s a Chicago film, and since I was younger I was like, ‘What if there was a hood ‘Home Alone’ — or ‘Hood Alone’, if you will,” Chance told host Jimmy Fallon of his reboot idea.

“Just a little more realistic story about people try to kick at the doors at the wrong house. And hilarity ensues, I can’t give you too many details,” he explained, offering Fallon the opportunity to produce.

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“It’s up for grabs, if you want to get in on this project,” he added.

In addition, Chance revealed his new concert film would be showing exclusively at AMC Theatres throughout the U.S. this summer.

“Basically, it’s four years old. It was a film that I shot right after I won the Grammys in 2017,” he said of the concert film.

“I came back to Chicago right after finishing up this tour, getting ready to go on another one, I just had this idea that I wanted to do this concert but specifically for film and it’d be shot like a movie and eventually put it out in theatres,” he continued.

“It came together in like three weeks a bunch of years back,” he said, “but I didn’t really know a lot about film at all or how to edit or anything. So about three weeks ago, I sent out for the film and brought it to the studio house and worked tirelessly on it with about 20 people and shot some new stuff.”

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Later in the show, Chance joined Fallon for a game of “Auto-Tune Up”, in which they used auto-tune to add some spice to otherwise boring text, such as Claritin’s side effects and the description of a used pool cue selling on eBay.