Don Lemon sent the internet into a frenzy, and now he’s trying to set the record straight.

Ahead of Friday’s edition of his weeknight CNN show, Lemon shared a video on Twitter teasing “a big announcement,” adding, “I hope you’re ok with it.”

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In the video, in which he walks on a treadmill, Lemon explains he’ll be making “an announcement about the show,” hinting it will mark “the end of an era.”

At the end of Friday’s show, Lemon declared, “It’s been really, really great. This is the last night that will be ‘CNN Tonight With Don Lemon’. So, I appreciate all the years of ‘CNN Tonight With Don Lemon’, but changes are coming, and I will fill you in.”

He encouraged viewers to “tune in” on Monday to find out what those changes would be.

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As soon as the show ended, viewers took to social media to share their thoughts about him leaving CNN.

A half-hour after the end of the show, Lemon returned to Twitter to calm everyone down, explaining he’s “not leaving CNN” but that there would be a “handoff” on Monday, and he’d be explaining it all then.

On Saturday, Lemon issued one more tweet to offer a full explanation: he wasn’t leaving CNN, nor was his show being cancelled, but will be rebranded as “Don Lemon Tonight”.