Dave Bautista is promoting his starring role in Zack Syder’s upcoming zombie-heist movie “Army of the Dead”.

Speaking with Yahoo! Entertainment, the half-Filipino former WWE star declared,  “I’m very proud of my heritage. I’m very vocal about it.”

He also admitted he was dismayed by the recent spate of anti-Asian violence throughout the U.S.

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“I just don’t get prejudice, I don’t get bigotry,” he said. “I wasn’t raised with it — it’s so foreign to me. I don’t understand why people are so hateful over such superficial things.”

In fact, he sees his role as an Asian-American action hero as one that can hopefully inspire.

“If I can be that guy and be an inspiration to somebody, then with pride I want to be that guy,” added. “I think it’s a sign of people wanting to spread the message that this is who we are as a country: we’re different people coming from different places, but if we bond together we can make s**t happen. Thank you for bringing that up: I have a whole new sense of pride of this role.”

Bautista has been vocal in calling out people like Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and others who fan the flames of racial hatred, but believes those voices are firmly in the minority.

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“There are more people pushing back than there are people who want to be stuck in the past — it’s just that the people that are hateful and express bigotry are loud and aggressive,” Bautista explained.

“Most people who want peace, love and harmony want to shy away from that, because it’s unnecessary and low-class. I think there’s more of us just starting to be like, ‘We’re not going to let you be louder than us anymore. We’re tired of hearing from you, so we’re going to be louder than you, and you’re going to realize there’s more of us than there are you,” he added.