Prince Charles wasn’t going to weigh in on his thoughts about Prince Harry’s recent interview.

Earlier this week, the Duke of Sussex joined Dax Shepard on his “Armchair Expert” podcast to discuss mental health. While there, Shepard asked him if he felt being raised in the Royal Family was like “The Truman Show”.

Prince Harry agreed, saying it was also like “being in a zoo.”

In another part of the wide ranging interview, Harry said while “there is no blame” on the way he was parented, he wouldn’t raise his children in the same way. Noting that Prince Charles had “a lot of genetic pain or suffering” from the way Prince Philip parented him. Something Charles has spoken about before and was discussed in his authorized biography.

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While at BCB International, a BBC reporter attempted to get Prince Charles’ take on what his youngest son had to say.

“Sir, do you agree with Prince Harry about the suffering and pain in the family? Have you read his comments?” they asked.

Prince Charles ignored the question and continued on.

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The Royal Family has seemed to learn not to comment on what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are doing. Earlier this year when the two spoke with Oprah, Prince William was asked by a reporter if the family was racist.

“We’re very much not a racist family,” Prince William replied. Cuing pandemonium over his blanket statement.