Sacha Baron Cohen was celebrated for his impact on comedy during this year’s MTV Movie and TV Awards.

The actor brought back some of his most memorable characters while accepting the Comedic Genius Award.

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Accepting the Golden Popcorn from Seth Rogen, Cohen, who was dressed as Borat, said, “Thank you Prince Harry. I’m very excited to be on this brand new music television channel. I’m very happy to be accepting this cup of gold teeth instead of Sacha Baron Cohen and will put it in our national museum along with national treasure we have confiscated from yous.”

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Cohen also brought back Ali G, Brüno and Admiral General Aladeen during the hilarious skit. 

The award “honours an actor who has made incomparable contributions to the world of comedy, providing a major influence through their work and transforming the genre at-large.”

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Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Melissa McCarthy were previous recipients of the honour.