It was delivery by air.

On Monday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the host welcomes new mom Lavi Mounga of Utah, a woman who recently gave birth while on a plane flight.

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Mounga, unaware she was even pregnant, describes going to the bathroom feeling like she had cramps, only to discover she was having contractions.

Thankfully, also on the flight were Dr. Dale Glenn, nurses Lani Bamfield, Amanda Beeding, Mimi Ho, and physician assistant Lindsay Maughan, who all helped deliver the baby safe and healthy.

DeGeneres also brought those helpful passengers on the show to virtually reunite with their unexpected patient.

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“We are doing so good,” Mounga tells the host, adding of her new baby Raymond, “He’s just upstairs sleeping right now.”

The host also gifted the new mom with a whole bunch of supplies and gift cards to help with taking care of her baby, plus a $10,000 donation. Each of the medical workers were gifted $5,000.