Pink’s new Amazon Prime Video documentary “All I Know So Far” is giving fans a rare look at the global superstar’s life on the road.

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ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey got even more behind-the-scenes tea from the Grammy Award-winning artist, including the reveal that Cher inspired one of her trademark tricks on stage.

“I love her so hard. She’s just nuts. She’s so smart. She’s so witty. She’s such a badass,” Pink gushes. “She’s been doing this for a very long time and she hasn’t lost her sense of humour. She’s one of my she-roes.”

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Though the “What About Us” singer is known around the world for her insane aerial performances, Pink still gets worried about creating such a daring show.

“I’m a worrier anyway, I wake up worrying, I worry enough for all of us,” she admits.

“I want people to get angry. I want people to be excited. I want people to be afraid. I want people to be so connected to their pain and emotions and joy,” Pink continues. “That’s my whole point of putting a show together. Then once you do all that, you’ve got to put all that to the side and just go for it and light that s**t on fire.”

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Of course, Pink brings her amazing concerts to fans all across the world. However, she shows in her documentary that she doesn’t travel lightly (24 bags, to be exact).

So, would her husband Carey Hart classify her as a mild hoarder?

“Oh, absolutely. He wanted me to be on ‘Celebrity Hoarders’,” she quips.

“I went to my dad’s house recently and I found all these empty cases that no one would need. I think there was like an empty Flonase cartridge. So I know where it comes from,” the 41-year-old reveals.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, because what if you need something that you thought you didn’t need 10 years ago and now you need it again?”

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Pink’s documentary “All I Know So Far” will start streaming on Amazon Prime Video on May 21.