Dylan Farrow is speaking her truth on Monday’s “The Drew Barrymore Show” on Global.

The host welcomes Farrow for an intimate conversation about the recent docuseries “Allen v. Farrow” and her allegations of sexual abuse against her adoptive father Woody Allen.

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“I worked with Woody Allen. I did a film with him in 1996 called, ‘Everyone Says I Love You,’ and there was no higher career calling card than to work with Woody Allen,” Barrymore says during the conversation. “Then I had children and it changed me because I realized that I was one of the people who was basically gas lit into not looking at a narrative beyond what I was being told and I see what is happening in the industry now and that is because of you making that brave choice. So thank you for that.”

“Thank you, hearing what you just said, I am trying not to cry right now,” says Farrow. “It is just so meaningful because it’s easy for me to say, ‘Of course you shouldn’t work with him he’s a jerk, he’s a monster,’ but I just find it incredibly brave and incredibly generous that you would say to me that my story and what I went through was important enough to you to reconsider that.”

Talking about how much of her family got involved with the documentary series, Farrow reveals, “Gradually more and more of my siblings signed on and a few of them didn’t. And I’ve spoken to them about that too and I respect that decision as well. But I mean, in terms of like family meetings, not really, but there was communication. And interestingly, the documentary has led to greater communication between us as a result, I think, which is interesting.”

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Asked why she was surprised about the family who did decide to participate, she says “I think mostly because and this is something that I think was mentioned in the documentary, that we never talked about it. I mean, we wouldn’t talk about it to each other. So talking about it publicly it just seemed absolutely incomprehensible.”

Being out in the world also means being exposed to possible triggers around her alleged abuse.

“I mean, this happened to me like, was it last week, maybe the week before, I was just you know scrolling through my news feed and an article pops up that you know who and his wife went to a restaurant. And I was just tailspin completely,” Farrow explains. “I was just like I can’t handle this. I don’t want to see this. Like, why are they going to restaurants anyway? I was really very heavily triggered and I was not okay. And it took a couple days of me just sort of like trying to like massage myself back into a normal space.*

Woody Allen denies ever having been sexually inappropriate or abusive with his daughter Dylan Farrow. Allen and Mia Farrow were married from 1980 to 1992. In August 1992, Dylan, then 7, accused Allen of molesting her.