Bringing “House of Cards” back for one last season was only the right thing to do, according to Robin Wright.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the actress talked about the decision to keep the hit Netflix show going after sexual misconduct allegations in 2017 led to star Kevin Spacey’s firing.

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Talking about how such a scandal could taint even such a successful show, Wright said, “The climate at the time was exactly that,” adding that there was a feeling that the show might be “judged” if it didn’t “follow suit.”

But rather than cancel the show entirely, Netflix decided to continue production on the show’s final season, with Wright taking the lead.

“[‘House of Cards’ being cancelled] would have put hundreds of people out of a job, with no severance probably,” the actress explained. “Absolutely not! It was just unacceptable in my mind for the show not to continue.”

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Talking about the notion of redemption, Wright said, “It depends on the crime. Some people crossed a line: the obvious ones. And with them you think, ‘I don’t know if I can trust that human being to grow.’ But then there are other situations where I think people can reform. Again, it really does depend on the situation and the act or acts committed.”

She added, “And honestly I think that progress will happen faster in years to come, when the little boys of this new generation are educated differently. But of course men in those positions [of power] need to adapt, and so do we.”