Don’t mess with the house cats of British Columbia.

A late night patrol from the Port Moody Police Department caught a black cat chasing off a coyote in a parking lot on Friday.

“The things our patrol officers see at 4am… cat 1, coyote 0,” they tweeted.

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A Vancouver Police Department officer then joked if they could “borrow the cat for a few days” to help with the coyote problem in Stanley Park–the 405 hectare park in Vancouver’s downtown.

The video has since brought in over 20,000 views.

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One commenter did point out that coyotes hunt in packs so that cat might not have been so lucky, but the officers had good news.

“Thankfully that’s not the case. We followed the lone coyote out of the area,” they said. “And the same cat was seen doing it’s rounds in the parking lot again this early morning!”

Another person suggested adding making the cat a permanent member of the force.

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