Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are helping their fans relax.

The couple has joined Calm to launch a new mindfulness and relaxation series “Breathe Into It”.

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“Meditation has helped @camila_cabello— and she wants to show how it can help you, too. A longtime Calm user, Camila partnered with us on a new series that shares her personal mindfulness journey and brings mental wellness tools to as many people as possible,” Calm’s Instagram video caption reads.

“Everyone’s journey with mental health is different, but no matter your struggle, know that you are not alone,” Cabello added in a press release. “Meditation and mindfulness have been so helpful as I navigate live and prioritize healing.”

“By sharing my own journey, my hope is that we can continue to destigmatize conversations about mental health and asking for support. Expanding access to these types of resources is so important, especially for communities who often aren’t given the time or space to focus on their mental wellness.”

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Meanwhile, Mendes said, “Calm is an integral part of my mindfulness routine. Meditation has really changed my life and has made me both a better performer and has helped me immensely off the stage as well. My goal is for anyone to feel empowered to embrace these tools, create their own mental wellness routines and look out for others.”

There will be 13 guided sessions from Cabello and 11 from Mendes.

The sessions can be accessed through the Calm app.