Barack Obama gave out some incredible life advice on Monday’s “Late Late Show”.

James Corden asked the former president to help some of his crew members out with their problems, which Obama was all too happy to do.

When asked by one staffer about how to handle a post-pandemic date with someone he’d been seeing during lockdown but had yet to meet for dinner, Obama replied: “How is this a problem? You have gone to dinner with people before, right? You know how restaurants work?”

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“They feed you. You order a little wine, say nice things to her, compliment her on her dress. Ian, is this really the biggest problem you have?” Obama continued. “I’m the former president of the United States, man. You should have come up with something better.”

“Oh my God, I love this,” Corden laughed. “It started as a question; it ended as a roast.”

Obama was then asked what you should do when you “like” an ex’s photo on Instagram at 3 a.m.

He responded, “I think you should go to sleep earlier.”

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Obama then said, when asked for advice on being a girl dad, “Not only love them unconditionally but treat their moms great.

“Because your daughters are watching how their mom’s being treated, so if they see that you love and respect and support their mom, then when they get older that’s what they’re going to expect for themselves. That’s worked out pretty well for me.”