Issa Rae is ready for the next stage in her career.

The actress and TV creator is on the new cover of Vanity Fair, and in the issue she talks about bringing her hit show “Insecure” to an end with its fifth and final season.

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“I pretty much go with my gut, and this is what my gut’s been telling me forever,” she says of the decision to end the show.

“I’m finding myself putting season-1 pressure back on the show again,” Rae says, adding that she’s been revisiting episodes of the show while producing season 5.

“All these memories come up, so I can’t watch it purely objectively. And then, of course, you look at performance stuff, you look at hair stuff, you look at appearance stuff. You’re just like, ‘Okay, wow, I went on TV like that?’”

Issa Rae – Photo: Adrienne Raquel/Vanity Fair
Issa Rae – Photo: Adrienne Raquel/Vanity Fair

The end of “Insecure” marks the beginning of a variety of new projects Rae has cooking up, including a “Laguna Beach”-style docuseries called “Sweet Life”, an adaptation of the podcast “Nice White Parents”, a dinner party dramedy called “Perfect Strangers”, and the sketch show she produces, “A Black Lady Sketch Show”.

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Rae is also working on a reboot of the filmmaking reality series “Project Greenlight”, taking over from original producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon after their iteration of the show was cancelled in 2016.

“I want this version of the show to make filmmaking feel attainable,” Rae says.

Asked whether she ever plans to star in one of her own TV shows again, the actress says, “Girl, no! I’m never doing this again. Before you asked that question, I told myself I would never write and be in a show that I created again. It takes up a lot of your life, and I like to do a lot of things.”

Rae slows her cadence, choosing her words carefully: “I love doing this show. I’m so grateful to be able to do this show. But that’s just not really for me.”