Josh Duhamel relishes the fact that Ashton Kutcher lives in the shadow of his modelling career.

Duhamel dropped by “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Monday. The “Safe Haven” actor dished on how he and Kutcher competed for Male Model of the Year in New York back in 1997. The competition was fierce with “swimsuits and runways.”

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“You know, the whole week was about, ‘Who’s gonna win?'” Josh told Seth. “Word on the street was that it was between me and this kid from Cedar Rapids and some other kid. The kid from Cedar Rapids was Ashton, obviously.”

“I mean, I might’ve won Miss Universe, you know?” the 48-year-old actor teased. “They lifted me up, I had the sash, tears were flowing, it was beautiful.”

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So what gave Duhamel the edge against his arch-rival?

“It was definitely my walk,” he recalled. “My walk was fierce.”