Andy Lassner is putting his fears to the test once again.

On the new “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, everyone’s favourite producer joins ghost hunter Linda Silverstein on an exploration of the Queen Mary.

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Many believe the infamous cruise ship is haunted, with even more ghostly activity than usual during the pandemic, as the ship waits mostly empty.

“I came here many years ago. I promised myself I wouldn’t come back,” Silverstein says. “I did not sleep for two weeks.”

With equipment in hand, Andy nervously asks, “Hey, are there any spirits here who want to talk to me?” and then gets scared by a loud metallic sound coming from the ship.

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At one point, while investigating one of the cruise suites, Andy swears he felt a tongue go into his ear.

“I know it sounds gross,” he says. “I felt a wet tongue aggressively go into my ear. It was aggressive, not romantic.”