Dax Shepard is opening up about the time his addiction affected his professional career.

Shepard spoke about his 2004 appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show during an interview for Blake Griffin’s Audible podcast “The Pursuit of Healthiness”, produced by OBB Sound.

“Professionally, the only wreckage I really had while I was an addict was, I went on ‘Conan’ and I had done the pre-interview in a blackout and I woke up to the hotel security shaking me awake, and I was with a stranger and the stranger had peed the bed, or I had peed the bed, someone had peed the bed,” he said, according to toofab.

“I had to be on ‘Conan’ in literally 20 minutes from getting shook awake by a hotel security guard that my publicist convinced to open the room.

“And I show up on the show, I don’t know what he’s talking about. I can tell he’s cueing me up for stories I’ve told but I don’t know any of the stories. So, I’m just doing what I can to be funny out there and I am a mess.”

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Shepard, who has spoken openly about his recent relapse with painkillers after 16 years of sobriety, said that his appearance went down OK with the audience but for O’Brien it was a “disaster.”

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“I didn’t know any of the stories. I broke a coffee table,” he added. “So I was banned from that show for some years, until I got sober and I got myself back on it and now I’ve been on it a bazillion times, but that was probably the only career wreckage-y thing I did.”