Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland say their music reflects their lives as they chat with ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey about their brand new song, “Higher Power”.

“I think our lives and our music are completely intertwined,” Martin says, especially during a pandemic. “We really love what we do more than ever now that it’s being threatened with being taken away.”

The band is definitely missing performing in front of live audiences and in the video for “Higher Power”, they perform outdoors in front of virtual holograms.

“We’re happy to perform to some fake holograms in a car park,” Martin laughs. “Right now we’ll perform [for] any entity.”

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The band did get a chance to play for a special audience of one.

“We played a show yesterday for my singing teacher Mary,” Martin reveals. “She didn’t like it”, Johnny adds with a laugh.”

Adding, “She never likes it. And then after she told me that I wasn’t singing ‘The Scientist’ very well.”

The new song came together much like most Coldplay songs do – with audio notes Martin has recorded on his phone.

“I mean you have literally hundreds of thousands,” Buckland teases, as Martin replies, “I realized that to listen to them all would take 15 days.”

“My phone is doing great, but it’s always struggling to handle them all,” he says, revealing his process. “I have a very nerdy system of… I email things to myself and it’s very complicated, but there’s lots of them, and most of them are unlistenable except for me.”