Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced a special new project on their third wedding anniversary.

The couple confirmed via their Archewell website that they were teaming up with World Central Kitchen to build their next Community Relief Centre in India amid the devastating second wave of COVID-19 in the country.

A statement on the website reads: “Right now, COVID-19 cases are spiking across the entire country of India. On Tuesday, India’s total virus cases exceeded 25 million, with 260,000 new cases and 4,329 deaths reported in the past 24 hours. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost, millions have been infected, and there is widespread concern that the crisis is even worse than reported.

“In support of India, Archewell Foundation and World Central Kitchen are focusing on the long-term needs of local communities.”

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Archewell Foundation and World Central Kitchen will establish their latest community relief centre in Mumbai, India, which is also home to Myna Mahila, an Indian organization focused on women’s health and employment opportunities that The Duchess of Sussex has long supported.

The Mumbai location is set to be the third in a series of four Community Relief Centers “that our organizations have committed to develop in regions of the world disproportionately affected by natural disaster,” the site stated, confirming that construction had already been completed on a relief centre in the Commonwealth of Dominica, while development of a relief centre in Puerto Rico was underway.

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The purpose of the centres is to “provide relief and resilience (as well as healing and strength) for the communities in which they’re based. During future crises, these centres can be quickly activated as emergency response kitchens — or vaccination sites — and through calmer times they can serve as food distribution hubs, schools, clinics, or community gathering spaces for families.”

Harry and Meghan’s announcement is the latest in a long line of charitable projects they have been a part of, having recently made a generous donation to Harvest Home L.A. to mark Mother’s Day.