Ellen DeGeneres is a huge Hunter Metts fan.

The “American Idol” season 19 contestant chats to DeGeneres on her show Thursday, with the host telling him: “I’m one of those people that told Katy [Perry] how much I loved you.

“I’m a fan, I think you’re charming, you have a great stage presence, beautiful voice and I was sad to see you go.

“I think you have a future, for sure,” she adds.

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Metts admits everything has been “amazing” since his “Idol” journey.

He shares, “What you dream of with ‘Idol’ is opportunities like this, so to come home and get a call like this… use the launch pad of ‘Idol’ has been amazing.”

The recent castoff also reveals why he was hesitant to pursue his “crazy dream” of music and why his sister had to quit her job at Disney for him to participate in the singing competition show.

Plus, Metts talks about the emotional moment after messing up the lyrics while performing on stage, as well as belting out a beautiful cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”.