It’s always a good idea to check who you’re texting before you hit “send.”

On Thursday, Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough appeared together on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show” and played a game of “Did the Crime, Sip the Wine” along with Ross Mathews.

During the conversation, Barrymore revealed a text she unfortunately sent.

“You two ladies [Dobrev and Hough] are both in the same industry. My best friend happens to be Cameron Diaz and I sent her a video of me getting dressed.”

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She went on, “I sent it, turns out, to a 16-year-old boy named Matthew. Anyway, long story.

“He then wrote me back and was like, ‘I have your video but I promise I won’t put it out anywhere.’ And I’m only getting dressed not being sexy—I’m doing this [dancing] to her—it’s because I was trying to multitask and she’s my best friend and we get dressed in front of each other all the time.”

She also said, “Thank God for Matthew for being such a kind, young gentleman not to put it out there in the world.”

Dobrev and Hough also talked about how they originally bonded while going through their respective personal life crises.

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“I think energy attracts energy and we have very like-minded energy,” Dobrev said. “The way we met was through a mutual friend. Julianne and I were both going through a life crisis at the time and we were both using that mutual friend as a free therapist kind of and it got to a degree where she was so sick of hearing about our problems which were kind of similar that she was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to put you guys together and you guys are going to use each other for therapy and I can remove myself. I feel like you will be best friends,’ and she was right, she just knew.

Hough added, “We are still in therapy until this day, we continue to lean on each other. In fact, we had a slumber party last night knowing we were coming here this morning and sitting on my floor and drinking our wine and having our good old girl chat, it’s the best.”

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