Falling ill during a pandemic is a scary thing.

Appearing on the podcast “Hypochondiactor”, Leslie Odom Jr. opened up about his experience contracting H1N1 during the swine flu pandemic in 2010.

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The “One Night In Miami” actor described his symptoms at the time as feeling “like the regular flu, which I’ve had many times,” but also quite different.

“There was a weird component,” he said. “Whatever was going on inside me did not feel natural. It felt synthetic.”

Odom also recalled the virus inducing a kind of dizziness, which he said “lasted long after I even felt better.

“The dizziness was like nothing I’d ever experienced,” he said. “There was this time, I was finally doing my laundry, this was when the laundry was downstairs, and I made a left turn and then I made another left turn, just in my building, and I went down. Making a left turn I got so dizzy that I just fell.”

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Talking about how he reflected on that experience during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Odom said, “I think, when your body houses a foreign host, I think something happens psychologically. You really realize how vulnerable you are, and how I could go from a… veritably healthy guy in my mid-20s and that I could get this illness that, in some ways, was debilitating, just really affected my trust in the world.”

He added, “Thank god… it was super minor.”