Drew Barrymore revealed details of her surprise kiss with Hugh Grant many years ago as he appeared as a guest on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show”.

Barrymore recalled how she’d walked into The Waverly Inn years ago after having a few drinks, and just walked up to Grant, grabbed him by the collar and kissed him.

Grant responded, grinning, “Yes, I remember that,” as Barrymore recalled his expression at the time, before he realized he was “not hating this.”

The actress continued, “And then we flirted and then it was like, ’Okay, bye. See you soon.’”

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Grant went on, “It was really bizarre. I was very drunk as well and I was with some very nice but not drunk studio executives from L.A., and they were very surprised. Someone said, ‘Oh there is Drew Barrymore,’ I get up to say ‘hi’ and then we make-out for 10 minutes and then I sit down, and we go on talking about the script.”

Grant continued to talk about raising five kids, with Barrymore questioning: “Well I guess we’ve grown up a bit. Do you think growing up is overrated Hubert?” as Grant added: “Yeah, I hate responsibility. I don’t want this. I am looking after five children and an elderly father and I don’t like it. I keep looking around for someone more grown up to come and do it for me.”

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Barrymore went on, “And yet, the last time we talked the way that you talk about the way you look at life now having five children’s eyes to look through, look after and look into. You seem [happy],” as Grant said: “I’m simultaneously utterly exhausted and miserable and clearly the happiest I’ve ever been.

“I see that now. It’s so nice, all those cliché’s are true, all that love is just so nice. Not just the children but the wife as well. I have a top wife, you must meet her she’s terrifying… much more manly than me but really cool and I’m happy.”

Grant also spoke about “The Undoing”, as well as revealing some iconic behind-the-scenes moments from his movies over the years.

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