Ryan Reynolds is all about that K-pop love.

On Thursday, May 20 the band “Stray Kids” performed a mashup of their hit “God’s Menu” and BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” on the Korean show “Kingdom: Legendary War”.

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Inspired by the movie “Deadpool”, the band was decked out with costumes, props and set design paying homage to the superhero movie.

After the episode, a fan edited part of the performance to match the scene in “Deadpool” that inspired it, prompting a response from star Ryan Reynolds himself.

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Bang Chan, the group’s lead singer, shared his appreciation for Reynolds on a live stream over the weekend.

“I did not expect the one — the almighty one, the one — the Ryan Reynolds to actually see our performance. That was actually crazy. I was really lost for words,” he told fans.

“You guys know that I really, really like Ryan Reynolds,” he continued. “Not [just] ‘Deadpool’, but every other movie he’s been in, the original Wolverine movie as well. The stuff that he does now, as well, I’ve been keeping up with it. I think he’s an amazing person, very funny.”

The singer jokingly added, “And yes, I would like an autographed.”

On Sunday, Reynolds took to Instagram to respond to Chan’s message.

“First, I have your autograph right here, Bang Chan,” he wrote alongside a signed bottle of his Aviation Gin.

“Will send to you this week. Second, as a new @Stray_Kids fan, can I get an autograph?#NewFavouriteAustralian,” added Reynolds, referencing his ongoing “feud” with Australia-native Hugh Jackman.