Alex Rodriguez is sliding into more than just bases these days.

The former baseball star reportedly slid into the direct messages (DMs) of Australian TV presenter Belinda Russell on Friday.

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Russell, co-host of the popular Australian show “Today Extra” and also a well known TikTok personality, shared the DM on air during Friday’s show. She told fellow co-host Richard Wilkins, “I woke up this morning, checking the socials and in my requests there was a message from Alex Rodriguez. As in A-Rod. As in J.Lo’s ex.”

According to a screenshot she took of A-Rod’s DM, the athlete wrote “Great feed!!!!!” as a response to an Instastory of her dancing on her news desk in the 9News studio.

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“All I can say is…he likes great content, Dickie,” she added. “He just said great feed!”

Russell, who is married to husband Mark Calvert with whom she shares three kids, went on to say that she didn’t interpret the message as flirty. “He just likes my videos,” she said. “I’m very happily married.”