Bowen Yang racked up millions of views on social media a few weeks back when his hilarious Weekend Update sketch on “Saturday Night Live”, playing the iceberg that sank the Titanic, went viral.

Yang appeared on Friday’s edition of “The Tonight Show”, and told host Jimmy Fallon that the idea was so bonkers that it barely made it on the air.

According to Yang, he was skeptical when “SNL” head writer first Anna Drezen brought the idea to him.

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“She texts me in February, ‘Hey, maybe for the April 10 show, for the Titanic anniversary, you can play the iceberg who sank the Titanic.’ And I was like, “Yeah… Cool… Maybe. Sure,’” Yang told Fallon.

“April rolls around I text her, ‘Hey, were you serious about that iceberg idea?’ And she was like, ‘I completely forgot about it. Let’s do it. Why not?’”

They prepped the sketch, even though Yang was pretty sure it would be cut before the live show.

“The entire week we did it, we were losing our minds a little bit, because we just kept looking at each other and bursting out laughing,” Yang said of the sketch, in which the iceberg is desperate to promote his new album and move past being forever associated with the sinking of the luxury liner.

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Yang also recalled a line in the original sketch that was cut. “Yes, I remember that boat attack,” he said, reciting the iceberg’s line.

“That’s what happened when the Titanic sank,” Yang explained. “The iceberg was attacked by a boat.”