Pete Davidson is closing out this season of “Saturday Night Live” by taking a comedic swipe at Chrissy Teigen. The comedian joined Colin Jost on Weekend Update, ostensibly to address Mental Health Awareness Month, and took a bit of a tangent.

“It’s mental Health Awareness Month and my therapist said it’s important to practice self-care — which is why she stopped taking my calls,” he joked.

“If there’s one good thing about the pandemic — besides getting Chrissy Teigen out of our lives,” Davidson continued, to the amused surprise of the audience. Davidson couldn’t help but laugh at the reaction and added, “I’m relieved.”

The jab comes shortly after Teigen was slammed with a wave of backlash after Courtney Stodden alleged in a Daily Beast interview that the 35-year-old mother of three used to send them disparaging comments on social media. Teigen subsequently apologized, but has largely faced a lot of heat regardless.


He also poked fun at Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce, while talking about vaccination fears and conspiracy theories.

“People aren’t getting the vaccine because they think it’s just Bill Gates trying to put a microchip inside you,” Davidson said. “Trust me, if he was that much of an evil genius, Melinda would have signed a prenup.”

Davidson closed out the segment on a heartfelt note, telling Jost, “The pandemic taught me that we never know what the future holds. It’s also taught me to be grateful. And I’m very grateful to be here. It’s an honour getting to grow up in front of you guys.”

Check out the video below for more on this season of “Saturday Night Live”.


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