Prince Harry let cameras film him during therapy all to help people better understand mental health.

During Oprah and his series “The Me You Can’t See”, the Duke of Sussex took part in an EMDR session having “volunteered” to be filmed on camera.

Co-director Dawn Porter told Town and Country about how she convinced Harry to try therapy on film.

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“Harry he volunteered, he was game for trying something,” Porter said. “And we thought well, we have the opportunity to film this [therapy] and maybe this is something that will work for some people, maybe it won’t, but the idea is that you don’t tick a box and you’re done, mental wellness is an ongoing pursuit.”

Adding, “You have to continue to try new things and to push yourself, and his volunteering to try something was a great way to emphasize and underscore that point.”

Porter said that both Oprah and Harry were “extremely hands on” for the entire project, “We had meetings every other week.”

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Porter also spoke about Harry and Meghan Markle’s previous interview with Oprah, even though “The Me You Can’t See” was “pretty far along in the edit.”

“I think the fact that we had been having these conversations with them over time, you see their relationship, you see how well they get along, how interested and in-depth they want it to be with this series,” she said. “So I see that as a product of the work they both put into their friendship as well as their professional relationship. But we were glued to the TV, just like everybody else.”