Sam Asghari might be on his way to becoming the next Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone. 

The 27-year-old boyfriend of Britney Spears shared his hopes of becoming an action star during a new interview with Variety.

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Asghari sat down with the outlet to talk about his recent roles, including the dark comedy “Black Monday”. 

“Action is something that I want to do — action, drama, thriller — that’s a genre that I want to really get into,” said the fitness instructor. “But if you can do comedy, you can do anything.”

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Discussing his career goals, he continued, “I want to get into blockbusters, I want to get into TV shows that get on Netflix and become fan favourites. My ultimate goal is to really become a well-rounded actor. I’m doing a lot of MMA training, I’m doing a lot of gun and stunt training to be a well-rounded actor such as Tom Cruise, such as Jason Statham. Like I said, I want to do action, but I want to be able to do drama as well. This is my craft, and I want to accomplish it 100%.”

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Revealing his long term ambitions, Asghari added, “My ultimate goal is to be the first Middle Easterner that plays a superhero. Marvel or anybody — they should give me a call.”