Mike Tyson remains a revered figure in the annals of boxing, and a new two-part ABC News documentary will chronicle his rise, fall and eventual comeback.

On Monday, “Good Morning America” shared a sneak peek at “Mike Tyson: Knockout”, set to debut later this week.

“‘Mike Tyson: The Knockout’ will put viewers ringside for a main event that will chronicle the former champion’s climb, crash and comeback, from his difficult childhood to becoming undisputed world champion to his 1992 rape conviction and his personal struggles,” says an ABC News press release.

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“Through the lens of his life’s extreme highs and lows, the two-part primetime event will examine some of the most pressing questions about resilience and reinvention,” adds the release, noting that the doc will feature new interviews actor and boxing enthusiast Rosie Perez, former HBO Sports president Ross Greenburg, ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap, and members of Tyson’s inner circle.

In addition, the documentary will also exclusive ABC News archival footage and never-before-aired interview footage with Tyson, who reflects on what he has learned throughout his boxing career and his new outlook on life.

“In addition to being an inspiring story of the perseverance and hard-won growth of one extraordinary person, Mike Tyson’s life and career are also relevant to the important collective self-reflection finally occurring in America,” said the project’s executive producer, Geoffrey Fletcher.

“Mike Tyson: The Knockout” premieres on back-to-back Tuesdays, May 25 and June 1.