Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Ruffalo are criticizing Twitter for allowing antisemitic hashtags amid the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

Cohen took to Twitter over the weekend to call out the social media platform’s founder, Jack Dorsey, asking the tech titan why hashtags such as #hitlerwasright have not yet been banned. 

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“The surge in antisemitism on the streets is fueled by antisemitism on social media,” wrote the “Borat” star.

“@Jack, @Twitter — Why do you allow #HitlerWasRight ?! Those who celebrate the Holocaust aim to perpetuate another,” he continued. 

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Mark Ruffalo later retweeted Cohen’s message, adding his own thoughts on the matter.

“@Jack you had the wisdom to block Trump from Twitter for inciting violence and disseminating disinformation,” wrote the “Avengers” actor.

“Please use that same wisdom to stop antisemitism and anti- Muslim propaganda on this platform today.”

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Ruffalo also called out extremism in a message posted on Sunday.