Prince William and Kate Middleton are putting their playful side on display amid their royal tour of Scotland.

On Monday, the Duchess of Cambridge tried her hand at DJing during a visit to Heavy Sound C.I.C. 

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The organization provides music, creative arts, and sports activities in Scotland’s underprivileged areas. 

Kate’s attempt at dropping a beat didn’t quite impress William, who jokingly teased his wife’s musical efforts.

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“Please turn that off, it’s hurting my ears,” joked the duke, causing Kate to burst out laughing. 

“Sorry for leaving such a terrible song. Delete it, delete it,” the duchess apologized as she left the room. 

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Prince William And Kate Middleton’s 2021 Royal Tour Of Scotland

William previously turned on the charm while visiting a residential care facility in Edinburgh.

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The duke also opened up about his personal connection to Scotland, home of the Queen’s beloved Balmoral estate.