The Biebs’ ‘Boyfriend’ Video To Be Released May 2

The countdown begins! After teasing us for weeks now with snippets and clips from “Boyfriend”, Justin Bieber has just announced the premiere date for the video. Get out your calendars, because on May 2, the much anticipated video will be unveiled.

Surprisingly, not even The Biebs’ girlfriend, Selena Gomez, has seen the whole thing. She says: “I haven’t seen it yet, but the whole video concept was cool…it’s gonna be great and I love the song.”

From all the teasers we’ve seen, “Boyfriend” is possibly the most mature Bieber to date.  It’s moodier and more provocative than any of the teen sensation’s previous videos. And his album “Believe”, which is set to drop on June 19, will also have a more grown-up feel with collaborations from, Drake, Timbaland and Kanye.  So no doubt it will dominate the charts this summer.

Although the video features a Selena look-a-like who gets some serious affection from Justin, the onset smooches with the double didn’t seem to faze the real thing.  Selena checked up on him while he was shooting recently and the couple seemed happier than ever – not shy to get their PDA on.  Justin, taking a cue from his song, which is all about being the perfect boyfriend, warmly welcomed Selena and couldn’t keep his hands off of her.

You can watch the couple get close in the video below!



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