The Rock’s raising some tough young women.

On Sunday, the actor and former WWE Superstar, aka Dwayne Johnson, posted a sweet snap of him and his two youngest daughters Tiana, 3, and Jasmine, 5, whom he shares with wife Lauren Hashian, showing the three of them sitting down for breakfast while watching something on an iPad.

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“Beautiful weekend breakfast with my favorite ladies watching A QUIET PLACE,” Johnson quipped in the caption. “My girls ain’t scared of s*** 💪🏾 Jk, we’re watching THE GODFATHER. Actually LION KING 🦁👑 for the 8,000th time, but next weekend we watch SCARFACE!”

He hashtagged the photo, “#myfavoriteplace” and “#breakfastwithmyloves ❤️.”

It wasn’t long after The Rock posted the photo that “A Quiet Place” director and star John Krasinski saw the pic. “Oh man, I’m so honored!” Krasinski commented. “I hope the girl’s lov— wait what!?”

Johnson stars alongside Krasinski’s wife and “A Quiet Place” co-star Emily Blunt in the Disneyland ride-inspired movie “Jungle Cruise”, which is being released July 30.

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Johnson also has a daughter, Simone, 19, that he shares with ex-wife Danny Garcia.

Ever the doting Dad, Johnson has been spending a lot of quality time with his youngest daughters as of late. He recently took them on a fishing trip that won their seal of approval.

“They absolutely loved it,” he wrote on Instagram, sharing a video of him on the water with Tiana and Jasmine. “Great day with the ohana and bonding with my little ladies.”

Never without his sense of humour, he added, “My girls also said, ‘wow daddy you accurately slow rolled that 1/2 ounce double blade spinner up under that log where your mastery fisherman instincts kicked in to pull out this big lip who hit that skirt hard’ buuuuut the camera stopped rolling so y’all missed that part.”