Seal is getting candid about the realities of co-parenting.

In a new interview with US Weekly, the “Kiss From a Rose” singer discussed raising his four children with ex-wife Heidi Klum. 

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The former couple are parents to Leni, 17, Henry, 15, Johan, 14, and Lou, 11.

“It can be challenging,” admitted Seal, noting that co-parenting “requires teamwork.”

He continued, “If you are a team, if both parents are a team, then it’s really easy and that’s not a real challenge at all,” however, “you have to be a team. And if you’re not a team, then it can all fall to pieces.”

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Seal then revealed he “never had that teamwork [with Klum]. We never had teamwork.”

The 58-year-old star also described his children’s upbringing as “extremely privileged.”

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“Our children don’t have challenges in the grand scheme of things,” he explained. “They live in a nice house. They don’t have to worry about food on the table. They have the benefit of a great education.”

Klum and Seal’s divorce was finalized in October 2014 after nine years of marriage.

The supermodel later married Tom Kaulitz.