Julianna Margulies is happy to say she and “ER” alum George Clooney kept their romance strictly in character.

Margulies revealed to Dax Shepard and Monica Padman about the nature of her relationship with Clooney on Monday’s episode of the “Armchair Podcast”.

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The “ER” stars appeared to have a mutual crush. Margulies admitted it may have been fun to have a fling but “I would have wanted him to show up.”

Margulies and Clooney are dear friends to this day and she credits restraint for their healthy friendship.

“We always joke that thank God nothing ever happened because now we can remain friends for the rest of our lives,” she said. “As he used to say, ‘You don’t s**t where you eat.’ What he meant by that was the famous story about ‘Moonlighting’ with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.”

“They had sex on the pilot. And then the show got picked up — and then they hated each other. Or David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson [on ‘X-Files’]. The same thing happened,” she added. “And then they hate each other and you’re stuck on a show for seven years together. That’s agony. Life’s too short.”

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In fact, Margulies thinks their on-screen chemistry benefited from their lack of sexual romance.

“You just want to have the crush keep going and going. And that’s what worked,” she said. “And also, he’s just a super-awesome human being, and I love him.”