The long-awaited “Friends” reunion is almost here.

Ahead of the special, premiering on HBO Max this week, the “Today” show shared a new preview, including an exclusive clip of the cast back together.

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In the clip, Matthew Perry says to Matt LeBlanc while sitting in the Central Perk set, “Do you remember when you tripped? You ran in and you tripped.”

The special includes a clip of the blooper, in which LeBlanc rushes into the set, and takes a big fall behind the couch where Lisa Kudrow is sitting.

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But it’s not just bloopers that fans can look forward to. The special, as shown in the preview, also includes the cast playing trivia games and doing a read-through of one of the show’s old scripts.

‘Today” also shared footage from an old interview done with the cast in 1994 as the show was just taking off.

“Friends: The Reunion” premieres May 27.