Alexa Bliss is sad to say goodbye to her beautiful pig.

On Tuesday morning, the WWE star shared the news that her pet pig Larry-Steve had passed away, one day before his fourth birthday.

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Larry-Steve’s passing came after Bliss had been sharing on her Instagram Story that the pig was suffering from an illness for which she had trouble getting veterinary help.

“Larry is very ill, can’t move or walk. In a lot of pain,” she said. “His usual pig vet said she is not comfortable treating him in his current condition.”

She added, “Most vets are not comfortable treating pigs. If anyone knows of a pig vet please let me know.”

Bliss said, “Unfortunately in the state that Larry’s in right now there’s absolutely no way we are going to be able to transport him. He is in too much pain and weak.”

She also explained that she was hung up on by some vets, who claimed that they only treat pigs “up to a certain weight.”

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The wrestler later told followers, “It is heartbreaking that all I can do is just listen to him squeal in pain and no one will come help. No one will even just come and give him pain meds to help take care of his pain.”

Followers sent messages of support in the wake of Larry-Steve’s death, with one writing, “I’m so so sorry Lex. Sending you lots of love,” and another, “Larry knew love, something unfortunately so many pigs never get to experience. Fly high sweet boy. I’m sure our Little Sprout was waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge!”