Hillary Clinton is helping debunk some of the wildest conspiracy theories from last year’s “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”.

In the new Amazon Prime Video series, “Debunking Borat”, which dedicated to shutting down the many conspiracies Borat’s (Sacha Baron Cohen) lockdown buddies Jim and Jerry perpetuated in the movie, the former First Lady of the United States addressed the comments made about her and her husband Bill Clinton.

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“The Clintons are very evil,” Jim and Jerry tell Borat in the film. “Supposedly they torture these kids. Well, what it does, it gets their adrenaline flowing in their body, then they take that out of their adrenal glands and they drink their blood.”

For her episode, Hillary sent a video message to Jim and Jerry hoping to set the record straight.

“Hello, Jim and Jerry,” she says. “This is Hillary Rodham Clinton and I know you’ve heard a few things about me that you might believe. I know that you’re not alone. It’s hurtful, I’ll be really honest with you. It’s hurtful, not just to me and my family but to my friends and other people who know this is not just false but sometimes painfully false.”

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Hillary continued, “So just as one American to another, I hope we can start trying to find common ground again and overcome all those forces that are trying to divide us and put us into little boxes apart from each other. Wouldn’t it be great to kind of come together instead of drift apart? I hope that’s possible. Thank you.”

All episodes of “Debunking Borat”, as well as “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”, are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.