Paula Abdul is opening up about some corrective surgery to reverse a previous breast augmentation.

In a video shared on Instagram by medical device firm InMode (for which Abdul is a brand ambassador), she candidly discusses undergoing breast revision surgery to remove implants that she felt were “a little too big” for her body.

“With my height, I’m petite, I started with smaller breasts and about 20-plus years ago I had implants put in, and the more I was dancing the harder it was getting on my back,” she explains in the video, recorded prior to her surgery.

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“As the years go by, gravity happens too, and I just always felt like [they were] a little too big for my frame, and I wanted to get the old implants out,” she continues.

Discussing the procedure with her surgeon Dr. Jacob Unger, Abdul admits she’s both nervous and excited at his plans to “reshape the breasts very well and get the best overall shape and contour to match your frame,” he tells her.

“I’m very excited,” the former “American Idol” judge exclaims. “This is going to be great.”