Kevin Hart is a father of four, and he insists he’s happy with that and doesn’t want any more kids.

The comedian appears on Wednesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, with the host asking him about his family life. He’s father to daughters Heaven, 16, and baby Kaori Mai, 7 months, and sons Hendrix, 13 and Kenzo, 3.

When asked if he wants more kids, Hart, who married his wife Eniko in 2016, admits: “Ellen, if I could I would throw these b***s in the trash, I don’t want them!

“I don’t want no more babies, but it’s not up to me… I can’t make those decisions.

“My wife as of now she says that she’s done, but Kaori is in that perfect little baby stage and then she gets that glow again, so who knows?”

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Hart continues, “The house is getting louder, it’s very active. I don’t need any more activity in my house.

“I think that our family is fine the way it is, I don’t think we need any more additions, personally,” he adds, but admits he’d come round to the idea eventually if his wife were to get pregnant again.

Hart goes on to talk about Heaven interning for him at his production company.

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He says, “My 16-year-old is interning for me and I couldn’t be prouder.

“I’ve had a lot of success and major accomplishments in my life, [but] my daughter asking me to learn the business and to truly come up under my wing and grow was the biggest thing ever. Because it’s not forced.”

Plus, Hart jokes about being the “too in-shape old guy” whose number one priority is fitness, as well as his new film “Fatherhood”.

He also plays a game of “Father Knows Best”, where he fills in the blanks of parenting-related sentences based on his personal experience as a father.