Prince and Sinead O’Connor really did not get on well.

In her new memoir Rememberings, O’Connor recalls meeting Prince after she recorded the hit cover of his song “Nothing Compares 2 U”.

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“‘You want a drink?’ He smiles,” she writes of the time they hung out. “He turns to the cupboard for a glass. Then, quick as a flash, he slams the glass down and says, ‘Get it yourself.'”

But things only got more bizarre from there.

“He commences stalking up and down, one hand rubbing his chin, looking me up and down. He shouts at me, ‘I don’t like the language you’re using in your print interviews . . . I don’t like you swearing,'” she recalls him saying.

“‘I don’t work for you,’ I tell him. ‘If you don’t like it, you can f**k yourself.'”

O’Connor says that Prince then brought in two pillows and wanted to have a pillow fight, but she noticed that one of the pillows was stuffed with an object “designed to hurt.”

“I never wanted to see that devil again,” she writes.

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Speaking to People, O’Connor says, “It certainly didn’t change my opinion of him as an artist, which was the only opinion I could have had. I never knew him otherwise. Obviously, I came away not liking him very much and not particularly wanting to go around to see him again. But having said that, though, I won’t lie. I didn’t like the man.”

She adds, “I sobbed when he died. I just felt terribly sorry and sad for him of the loneliness of his death. The price you pay for being so successful is an awful, aching loneliness, and I think he was terribly lonely, terribly vulnerable. The loneliness of fame, I think, was his undoing.”

The singer also addresses a rumour that she turned down a fling with John F. Kennedy Jr.

“I’d have to be crazy to have turned him down,” she says. “I would have leapt on the man if l ever met him!”

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