Caitlyn Jenner has a very famous family, but she won’t be turning to them to help promote her run for California governor.

Despite the Kardashians and Jenners being supportive of Caitlyn, she insisted she told her kids not to get involved during an interview with “CBS This Morning”.

Jenner shared, “As we all know, politics can be a pretty tough business. And you know what, I got pretty big shoulders, unfortunately, but that’s a whole ‘nother story, and I can take it.

“People have come after me all my life and I kind of just move on and do my own thing. But I did speak with all my children. I said, ‘Hey, I do not want one tweet… this is my deal.'”

Jenner insisted she told her children “not to be involved whatsoever,” adding, “I said, ‘If anybody asks any questions in the media… just say, ‘No comment.’ Address your comments to me.'”

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The star, who is going up against current Governor Gavin Newsom in a future recall election, was also questioned about why she thought she was ready to be governor despite not having political experience.

Jenner said, “It was not an easy decision to make to do this, it took a lot of time, a lot of talking to people but when I finally made the decision and decided to get in I thought I was very qualified. Why? because I am an outsider.

“Right now I have absolutely no ties to Sacramento. And I think that’s a good thing being from the outside. The insiders who we are talking about what makes you qualified they are the ones responsible for 13.3 per cent tax rates, we have the highest tax rates in the country, we have a homeless crisis in California, they are the ones responsible, not me. I am going in there to fix those things.”

Questioning what Gayle King even meant by “political experience,” Jenner went on: “I have been in California since 1973 for 48 years. When I went to San Jose, why did I go there to train for the four years leading up to the games? That’s where the greatest athletes lived. I wanted to learn from them, I want to do the same thing in Sacramento. I want to surround myself with all of these people with political experience. Eventually I would have to make the final decisions on these things.”