Heather Morris is speaking about Lea Michele’s alleged bullying behaviour on the “Glee” set.

The actress chatted to Danny Pellegrino on his “Everything Iconic” podcast. The host asked her about some comments she previously made about Michele not being the best person to work with.

Morris said of the 2020 allegations against Michele, “I remember getting so much shade and people were like, ‘Why don’t you go out and say it?’ And I’m like, ‘Guys, she’s pregnant and all this stuff is going around.’

“And it’s true, I don’t know if maybe we were victims of bullying, and it’s a typical victim thing to do to blame yourself, which is what people were saying, but… the only person who was honest about it was Naya [Rivera].”

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Morris said, “It was something that was very hush-hush on set, and now you see all these things coming out with these bigger names who were very disrespectful and mistreated a lot of people and people allowed it to happen.

“We absolutely could have stepped up and gone to the Fox execs and said how we felt about the situation, and nobody did,” she continued, adding that it’s acceptable to do that now.

Morris said, “I think many people were very scared, and I know, genuinely, I felt like it wasn’t my place, and I don’t know why because I was a cast member.

“We all deserve to feel comfortable on a set.”

Morris also referenced Michele’s late ex-boyfriend, “Glee” star Cory Monteith, who tragically died in July 2013.

“We all got close with Lea at certain points, and then we all weren’t as close with her,” the star shared. “So there’s that human element to understanding who this person is, growing with that person, seeing her try to become better and taking care of herself after Cory passed. It was just the elephant in the room.”

She said she hadn’t heard from Michele, but wishes her the best.

Michele previously apologized for “any pain” she had caused in an Instagram post last June after she was accused of “traumatic microaggressions” by Samantha Ware.