Emily Blunt doesn’t have fond memories of her first kiss.

The actress spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about playing Spin The Bottle at her 13th birthday on his show Wednesday.

Blunt, who has been busy promoting her new film “A Quiet Place Part II”, spoke about celebrating her kids’ birthdays, before Kimmel asked about any of her own parties that stood out.

The star shared, “We played Spin The Bottle and it was my first kiss. It was a horror show.”

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Blunt revealed how the kiss in question was with an “attractive” young man called Ashley Clark who had the ’90s “curtains” haircut, which was very popular in the U.K. at the time.

Blunt admitted, “I was just horrified by the whole thing. I just remember surreptitiously wiping my mouth afterwards. It was horrible.”

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Kimmel then asked if Clark had “slipped her the tongue,” to which Blunt insisted, “Massively! Not ‘slipped,’ that sounds kind of delicate.”

She said she hadn’t kept in touch with Clark, adding: “Poor Ashley. I don’t know what he’s up to right now, [but] what isn’t he up to? You know?”