Dan Stevens’ abrupt departure from “Downton Abbey” was an attempt to diversify his acting portfolio.

Stevens said he quit the show because he wanted more “variety” in his work and to avoid being typecast. He shared the story while promoting the German-language drama “I’m Your Man”, in which he again plays a male romantic lead — opposite Maren Eggert — but this one is different.

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“I try not to be resistant to too many things,” he told the Australian. “I think it’s more about when interesting roles come along, really. The challenges of this role as Tom [in “I’m Your Man”] were so many that I wasn’t really thinking about it as another romantic lead.”

Stevens’ character in “Downton Abbey” — Matthew Crawley — was shockingly killed off the show in 2012.

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He is expected to replace Armie Hammer as former White House counsel John Dean in “Gaslit”, the Starz series based on the “Slow Burn” podcast.